Wedding season is well upon us (does it really ever end?), and as those invitations start to pile up in the mailbox, you may find yourself rummaging through your closet in exasperation. With an event like a wedding, the wardrobe expectations are upped. You want to look classy as it's an elegant event, yet you still want to impress the bride's hot, single, second cousin on her dad's side. Finding that perfect combination of classy and sexy is hard to do. Once you've gotten to the saturation limit of your exasperation, do yourself a favor and head over to The Wedding Shop at Revolve.com.

I love how Revolve already has dresses sorted out into categories. This takes a lot of the hassle of sifting through a whole online boutique of dresses. The "For the Guests" section is your go-to for finding the perfect outfit. Not only can you find a selection of dresses for the wedding day, but also other nuptial-related festivities like showers and bachelorette parties. The dresses are even more or less arranged in color groupings--is this real life?! With today's wedding crazy world, an entire section of the website broken down into categories like this just makes so much sense. Here are my top three picks for a spring/summer wedding guest dress!

Wedding guests aren't the only ones Revolve Wedding caters to. The shop also has a selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Being located in the Midwest, I think styling your wedding from the Revolve Wedding Shop would be a great way to make your big day look unique since you will be wearing styles and brands most brides aren't looking to. Many of the dresses feature cutouts or sheer paneling and unique detailing. You're sure to stand out and feel your most beautiful in any of the selections, but this Parker Black dress is my personal favorite (it is sold out currently, but can be special ordered). I love the open back, boho glam bodice and flowy skirt. Plus, it's priced under $500!

Bridesmaids have their own section of chic looks as well. The focus is mainly on the very trendy nude colored bridesmaid dress, but other colors are featured as well. I personally like the nude trend. Looking back at past wedding photos, the trendy colors sometimes end up looking dated, but I think the classic pale blush or tan will be timeless in photographs. While this color trend isn't for everyone (and I've heard very vehement denunciations of it!), if I had to have a favorite bridesmaid dress, it would be this Stone Cold Fox mini dress. SCF is one of my favorite brands, and I think with your wedding it's important to reflect your own style onto the bridesmaids dresses. If I was assigned this dress as a bridesmaid, the saying "you can wear it for so many other occasions!" would definitely be true for me!

Overall, I can't recommend Revolve Wedding enough if you're shopping for your wedding or as a guest. As with the rest of the site, the styles are fresh, sexy and elegant. The only drawback with many of the dresses (especially if you're looking at bridesmaid or dresses as a guest) is that they are a bit more pricey. If you have several weddings to attend and will need a lot of dresses, I would suggest using the styles on Revolve as inspiration and then looking to a more affordable site like Tobi or Sabo Skirt to find comparable styles. However, I'm all about the splurge when it's a quality wardrobe piece, so if you do decide to rock one of the dresses from the great brands Revolve carries, you can be assured it will be a statement piece in your wardrobe for many wedding seasons to come! Check out my Instagram throughout the week to see samples of wedding looks from my own closet!