Trend Report | Autumn 2016

Excuse the punny title (I couldn't resist). I also can't resist some of the trends that are hitting the scene for fall! This time of year usually sees me sick of Kansas heat and humidity and ready to pull out my jeans and sweaters. There is still quite a lot of summer left to go, but for you fashion-forward thinkers like me, here is a list of some trends I will be embracing this fall.

1. Dusty Pastels

Pastels aren't just for spring anymore with this muted color palette. Usually I tend to stick with more neutral shades, but some of the new pieces popping up for fall are the prettiest pastels in muted tones that will go with anything. For the colder months, I will definitely add some edge to these feminine shades by pairing them with black accents. Throw on styles in this color like you would a more traditional neutral shade and watch your outfit transform!

2. Silky Fabrics

With temperatures cooling down, fall and winter make us want to reach for more sumptuous fabrics. Silky styles are a great way to add layers that stand out. Kendall Jenner's burnt orange silk jacket makes her outfit pop not only with the bright color but with the unexpected texture. Fall is all about layering and adding a piece that with a silky shine will add dimension to any outfit.

3. Boots in Non-Standard Colors (Not Black or Brown)

To repeat myself, cooler weather is all about layering. Texture is one way to achieve layering perfection, and color is another. You can choose to create a monochromatic look (which I am quite partial to in black), and you can create a great look by incorporating pops of color. Shoes are a great way to do this. In the sea of ubiquitous winter blacks and browns, you'll stand out in a boot sporting a pop of jewel tone color! While going for a non-traditional color may seem impractical, it's surprising how many outfits a carefully selected tone can go with. It all depends on the shape and cut of the boot. Keep it simple and steer away from too many buckles, fringe or other kinds of ornamentation to achieve an elegant vibe. If you are looking for a unique shoe but don't want to take the plunge on a brighter color, try a mossy green/brown or a creamy light taupe for something that is still unexpected, yet more neutral.

4. Sport-Luxe Isn't Going Anywhere

We are living in a lucky time--sports luxe is in and that is just a trendy way of saying it's ok to wear your sweats out in public!! The best thing about this style is that it is all about layers (the key to fall dressing, in case you forgot). Throw on slightly fitted sweats, a beanie and a bomber coat and you're good to go. I will definitely be experimenting with mixes of mesh insert leggings, these Sabo Skirt sweater material joggers, and leather jackets all season. During my travels in colder climes this summer I developed what some might call an unfortunate habit of wearing socks with my Teva sandals--I think I might just carry it into some of my sport luxe looks. ;)

5. Minimalist Accessories

This may also be a product of my travels as I didn't want to always take the time to put on much jewelry (not to mention pack it around), but I have been enjoying a more minimal array of accessories. By wearing less, they speak for themselves more. So this fall, I plan on sticking to limiting my accessories, either by sticking to a simple choker or wearing a dainty ring. In keeping with this trend, I plan to keep my sunglasses understated in color (but bold in effect!) such as these classic Ray-Ban rounds pictured above.

That does it for my favorite fall trends! I hope this gets you all inspired to shop and try out some new trends for the fun of the changing season--not to mention to keep things interesting once the cold of winter sets in!