The Hidden Gems of Walmart, Vol. II

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but my usual desire to slip in and out of Walmart as quickly and elusively as possible has deterred my aspirations. However, Walmart's clothing department has been really impressing me of late. During my last jaunt into the fray of bargain shopping, I was so astounded by the offerings in the womenswear department that I just had to whip out my phone and bring you...THE HIDDEN GEMS OF WALMART, VOL 2! 



But really...THESE FLANNELS! Here we have a rack full of closet staples for fall. The black one looks just like a Rails button-down I've been eyeing. The green with the embroidery is spot on. The real test for me--the softness factor. These passed with flying colors...SO SOFT!! One thing with these, as with many Walmart items, the sizing is weird. For these shirts you will want to SIZE THE F**K UP if you want it oversized at all. 


Does this one-piece even need an explanation? Love the side cut-outs, the ribbed fabric and the color. This one could totally be worn as a bodysuit into the fall once the pool closes. 


I don't usually go for patterns, but this jumpsuit caught my eye for the bandana-inspired print and color! Upon closer inspection, the fabric was extremely soft with a linen feel. I have a black jumpsuit (not from WM) in this spaghetti strap, straight neck, wide leg cut and I wear it ALL the time. This one would be a fun addition to any closet (hello Labor Day weekend outfit??). 


I think I may have featured this find in my last hidden gems post, but it is still available and still prevalent. This $9 bag is a very close rendition of a $100+ style by Rebecca Minkoff. If you want a bag that looks high end, but you don't have the cash--this is your find. 


Here are the shorts you'll live in to lounge around the house, go to the gym and even run errands. They are so comfy, but the heathered fabric and cut of these doesn't look super sloppy. At only $4, you will want every color...and be able to afford them, too! 

As I mentioned in the first Hidden Gems of Walmart post, these images aren't linked to shop online because finding a specific item is nearly impossible in the behemoth that is the Walmart shopping website. Plus, hidden gems should always be the fruits of an adventure; and going to Walmart is ALWAYS an adventure. Happy bargain shopping! 

Not Just Another Gift Guide

I follow a lot of fashion bloggers like myself, so I have seen an abundance of gift guides pop up on my feeds lately. There are so many guides out there, and I feel like they are all giving the same kind of presentation. To be honest, I've been a little annoyed with the "gift guide" posts. However, in the spirit of the season, I feel obliged to post some sort of seasonal tidbit. Hopefully these tips will guide you in a more creative direction than the typical for "Mom, Boyfriend, BFF, etc." lists that abound since I will be breaking it down by unique store instead of person. 

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods has been my go-to for unique gifts for quite some time. This online shop has so many cool products, you will be able to find something perfect and unique for anyone on your list from the beer lover to the map enthusiast. Uncommon Goods will impress your gift recipient as they'll think you took hours finding such a perfect gift--not only are these products super unique, they are also gorgeous pieces that are in most cases handcrafted by small-shop artisans! My favorite of the bunch: The pair of long-distance touch lamps shown above, handcrafted in Kansas! 

Artifact Uprising 

Photos are one of my favorite gifts to give. There is something so unexpected and personal about getting a nice print made as a gift--it's all about presentation. Artifact Uprising takes presentation of photos to a whole new level with their elevated designs. I especially love the clean look of Artifact Uprising's photo books (gifting hack, they offer a photo book formatted for Instagram which syncs directly to your feed!). Every year I get a nice print for my dad of an image taken on our yearly Colorado climbing trip. This year I had the image mounted in the Float Frame, pictured above. 

Candy Club

Candy. Club. The name itself pretty much says it all in why this is a hands down great gift. It's like the jelly of the month club except quite a lot better, because it's candy. Arriving at your doorstep. All year long. Aside from gummies (which I'm obviously partial to), the boxes can contain a range of candy from chocolates to caramel corn. Candy Club offers several levels of plans, so you're sure to find something to satisfy the sweet tooth on your holiday shopping list. 

Mou Footwear

Step aside Ugg boots (pun intended)--Mou Footwear is giving the puffy boot a fresh look. Mou offers men's and children's shoes as well as women's, so you will be able to find unique slippers or boots for everyone on your list. I guarantee once you browse the Mou site, you'll want to put these bad boys on your own Christmas list too! 

ColourPop Cosmetics

These eyeshadows from ColourPop Cosmetics should be on everyone's Christmas list--for beauty junkie friends as well as in your own makeup bag. Not only are the shades gorgeous, but they are for a great cause. ALL proceeds go to No-Kill Los Angeles, an organization that helps homeless pets avoid euthanasia. Since population of homeless animals in LA is so high, pets in shelters have as little as 24 hours before they are put to sleep. NKLA and ColourPop are trying to help these poor little guys buy more time and get homes. This is the best gift of all--gifting AND gifting back! 

Bonus--Gift for Medical Professionals

Not only do I live and love with a doctor, I also have several friends and family who work in the medical field. I have not read "When Breath Becomes Air" (yet), but Kalanithi writes about mortality from the perspective of a neurosurgeon in this nonfiction selection. Mortality weighs heavy on those in the medical field, and learning to live with it is one of the daily challenges. Perhaps this book will convey insight to the medical professional on your gift list. Additionally, I 100% recommend giving books in this sad era of non-readers! 

That does it for my gift guide! I hope it stood out just a little from the crowd. Comment below and let me know what you thought! What is on your Christmas list this year? Make sure to follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page so you don't miss a thing here on LunaElise--exciting stuff coming soon! ;)



Five Finds | Online Boutiques

I've got to say it--I'm addicted to online shopping. And I know I'm definitely not alone. It is simply too difficult to resist the "buy X amount and get free shipping!!!" quote unquote bargain or the fraction-of-the-cost couture find on eBay. However, with moderation, online shopping is the key to a fantastically diverse wardrobe. Stores from across the globe are available to give your closet a unique boost, no matter where you live. I'm always checking out new boutiques I run across and lately I've found some keepers. Read ahead and hold onto your credit cards for my Five Finds list of online boutiques that have been on my radar lately.

1. The Oxford Trunk

Hate it or love it, your favorite social apps are the best marketing platform ever. Sometimes those "annoying" sponsored posts can lead you to cool stuff! In this case, a sponsored post in my Instagram feed led me to The Oxford Trunk and I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. The overall vibe is West Coast chill meets classic (too perfect). The price point is quite affordable on many of the items, with higher-end pieces sprinkled in the mix. The coolest part? The handcrafted jewelry offers a unique mix of delicate crystals and bold designs. Check it out!

2. Mindy Mae's Market

HELLO affordable basics!! If you are looking for simple, yet chic pieces that won't break your budget, Mindy Mae's Market is something you need to check out. A Facebook ad prompted me to this site, and I saw this adorable leopard clutch on Something Navy's blog--I knew I had to check it out. It's so easy to head to this site and see tons of things you absolutely "need," so proceed with caution. From comfy tees and hoodies to faux leather skinny jeans and booties, this is a must-shop. Added bonus: I love that they use women of various shapes for their models!

3. Effin Shop

Prepare your bank accounts for Effin will "need" so many things from this site! I was drawn to it when I saw an ad featuring the beautiful lace dress above. When I scoped out the whole site, I was in love. I was drawn in by a statement dress, and I stayed for the amazing basic pieces. As if you needed anymore reason to fill up your shopping cart, the prices are reasonable as well. If you wanted to create your entire wardrobe at one stop, Effin Shop would be a good choice.

4. Tuckernuck

Tuckernuck would make the list on the basis of it's name alone--so fun to say! However, even with the most banal name, this eclectic offering of traditional preppy pieces and bold accessories would stand out anywhere. While the east coast preppy look isn't necessarily my thing, a few structured pieces can and should fit into any wardrobe. If you are a preppy type, Tuckernuck will be your mecca for '50s silhouette party dresses and collared button down shirts. For me, I can't get enough of the high-quality unique accessories!

5. Public Desire

Rihanna x Puma furry slides, the onslaught of velvet, Kim K's ubiquitous clear plastic footwear--there are tons of trendy looks circling the internet. To score these looks for a fraction of the cost, check out Public Desire. They offer SO many cute styles modeled after the latest trends--all for super affordable prices. This is a must for getting your shoe fix without making your bank account too sad.

Trend Report | Autumn 2016

Excuse the punny title (I couldn't resist). I also can't resist some of the trends that are hitting the scene for fall! This time of year usually sees me sick of Kansas heat and humidity and ready to pull out my jeans and sweaters. There is still quite a lot of summer left to go, but for you fashion-forward thinkers like me, here is a list of some trends I will be embracing this fall.

1. Dusty Pastels

Pastels aren't just for spring anymore with this muted color palette. Usually I tend to stick with more neutral shades, but some of the new pieces popping up for fall are the prettiest pastels in muted tones that will go with anything. For the colder months, I will definitely add some edge to these feminine shades by pairing them with black accents. Throw on styles in this color like you would a more traditional neutral shade and watch your outfit transform!

2. Silky Fabrics

With temperatures cooling down, fall and winter make us want to reach for more sumptuous fabrics. Silky styles are a great way to add layers that stand out. Kendall Jenner's burnt orange silk jacket makes her outfit pop not only with the bright color but with the unexpected texture. Fall is all about layering and adding a piece that with a silky shine will add dimension to any outfit.

3. Boots in Non-Standard Colors (Not Black or Brown)

To repeat myself, cooler weather is all about layering. Texture is one way to achieve layering perfection, and color is another. You can choose to create a monochromatic look (which I am quite partial to in black), and you can create a great look by incorporating pops of color. Shoes are a great way to do this. In the sea of ubiquitous winter blacks and browns, you'll stand out in a boot sporting a pop of jewel tone color! While going for a non-traditional color may seem impractical, it's surprising how many outfits a carefully selected tone can go with. It all depends on the shape and cut of the boot. Keep it simple and steer away from too many buckles, fringe or other kinds of ornamentation to achieve an elegant vibe. If you are looking for a unique shoe but don't want to take the plunge on a brighter color, try a mossy green/brown or a creamy light taupe for something that is still unexpected, yet more neutral.

4. Sport-Luxe Isn't Going Anywhere

We are living in a lucky time--sports luxe is in and that is just a trendy way of saying it's ok to wear your sweats out in public!! The best thing about this style is that it is all about layers (the key to fall dressing, in case you forgot). Throw on slightly fitted sweats, a beanie and a bomber coat and you're good to go. I will definitely be experimenting with mixes of mesh insert leggings, these Sabo Skirt sweater material joggers, and leather jackets all season. During my travels in colder climes this summer I developed what some might call an unfortunate habit of wearing socks with my Teva sandals--I think I might just carry it into some of my sport luxe looks. ;)

5. Minimalist Accessories

This may also be a product of my travels as I didn't want to always take the time to put on much jewelry (not to mention pack it around), but I have been enjoying a more minimal array of accessories. By wearing less, they speak for themselves more. So this fall, I plan on sticking to limiting my accessories, either by sticking to a simple choker or wearing a dainty ring. In keeping with this trend, I plan to keep my sunglasses understated in color (but bold in effect!) such as these classic Ray-Ban rounds pictured above.

That does it for my favorite fall trends! I hope this gets you all inspired to shop and try out some new trends for the fun of the changing season--not to mention to keep things interesting once the cold of winter sets in!

Urban Outfitters Haul

First of all I want to qualify that I shop A LOT. Way too much. I might have a problem. So to quantify something as a haul, it means that I really love the brand enough to spend a large amount of my shopping budget in one place! I do love Urban Outfitters. Many of my most favorite pieces in my closet for daily wear are from UO. Their clothing is affordable, comfortable and pretty good quality for the price. Almost every summer I place a pretty big UO order. This time I not only bought a big online order, but also a couple things in store. I apologize for the low quality of the pictures as they are mirror selfies I took as I was actually unpacking and trying on the clothes from the online order for the first time! So your first look was my first look too. Read on to see what I got. 

This beanie was on sale, so it was kind of an impulse buy, but I'm glad I got it. I love beanies and it will come in handy sooner than you'd expect during my upcoming hikes in the mountains. 

Truly Madly Deeply Coastal Vibes Tunic Top

Truly Madly Deeply Coastal Vibes Tunic Top

This dress was another sale buy. I grabbed it off the rack in-store because of how soft it is! The high-low hem adds a fun touch. I see myself wearing this a lot! According to the internet, this dress is actually a top--who knew? Makes it even more versatile if I could wear it over leggings too!

This "dress" is supposed to be a top. This is an in-store purchase--I never would have tried to make a top into a dress from an online buy. Again, the fabric of this dress is so soft and light, and the color is unlike anything I have. So I grabbed an XL off the rack and a dress it became! I'm sure it would be great as a top too in your true size! ;)

Sorry for the awkward angle here--I was trying to get in the fact that this romper has a low back while still getting the cute sporty silhouette of the front! If you read my last romper post, you know how much a romper like this means to me. Plus it has pockets. Definitely keeping. 

Bralettes are something I swear by, especially during the summer. I realized the other day while embracing the off the shoulder trend, that I didn't have a bandeau! Luckily the situation was easily and ideally remedied with this cute, braided back bandeau. It fit nicely when I tried it on and I think it could do double duty as a bikini top! The lace bralette was necessary as I have worn my other black one to death. I loved the t-strap in the middle! However, when I tried it on, the strap was a little loose around the neck. I suppose this is better than too tight, so I won't return it. 

Are you sensing a trend with this online order? My shopping cart was all black and white--I have a a neutrals addiction. Prints are fun, don't get me wrong, but I love the versatility of a solid neutral. I love how this romper embraces the off shoulder trend while not being annoyingly off shoulder. These little sleeves stay in place and the stretchy fabric is very comfortable. I order a Small and XS in this romper...I'm still debating which one to keep. I'm thinking the XS since I don't have very many rompers that are really form fitting. 

This is a romper that looks like a dress. It reminds me of the good old childhood days of wearing skorts. But I don't think a skort ever achieved this level of classy yet sexy--am I right? My only slight complaint with this romper is that the material is kind of thick and synthetic-y. I think it will be on the warm side. The cut is so cute though that I will keep it. Side note, I got two of this exact same romper in this order (long story!!) and one of them draped all wrong at the top while the other fit normally. Same size and everything. That is one complaint with UO, the sizing + fit can be inconsistent at times. 

Petal Perfume Oil  in Forget Me Not (left) & Globe (right),  Adorn EDP Fragrance  in Lapis (center)

Petal Perfume Oil in Forget Me Not (left) & Globe (right), Adorn EDP Fragrance in Lapis (center)

I bought these scented oils and perfume in store. I'll be perfectly honest, I was at the ATX location and I was sweating my way down the 2nd street shops. I started to feel like I didn't smell very good, so I pulled one of my classic maneuvers--using fragrance samples in stores to hopefully be less disgusting. As I wandered around the store, I noticed a drastic change in my aural situation. These little oils smelled AMAZING. I love these three scents. They are nature inspired and the packaging is so great too. 

Well, that does it for my Urban Outfitters haul! I was hoping I would have some insightful critiques on some of these products for you guys, but as per usual, UO has done me well again. Great pieces that I will wear over and over.