Urban Outfitters Haul

First of all I want to qualify that I shop A LOT. Way too much. I might have a problem. So to quantify something as a haul, it means that I really love the brand enough to spend a large amount of my shopping budget in one place! I do love Urban Outfitters. Many of my most favorite pieces in my closet for daily wear are from UO. Their clothing is affordable, comfortable and pretty good quality for the price. Almost every summer I place a pretty big UO order. This time I not only bought a big online order, but also a couple things in store. I apologize for the low quality of the pictures as they are mirror selfies I took as I was actually unpacking and trying on the clothes from the online order for the first time! So your first look was my first look too. Read on to see what I got. 

This beanie was on sale, so it was kind of an impulse buy, but I'm glad I got it. I love beanies and it will come in handy sooner than you'd expect during my upcoming hikes in the mountains. 

Truly Madly Deeply Coastal Vibes Tunic Top

Truly Madly Deeply Coastal Vibes Tunic Top

This dress was another sale buy. I grabbed it off the rack in-store because of how soft it is! The high-low hem adds a fun touch. I see myself wearing this a lot! According to the internet, this dress is actually a top--who knew? Makes it even more versatile if I could wear it over leggings too!

This "dress" is supposed to be a top. This is an in-store purchase--I never would have tried to make a top into a dress from an online buy. Again, the fabric of this dress is so soft and light, and the color is unlike anything I have. So I grabbed an XL off the rack and a dress it became! I'm sure it would be great as a top too in your true size! ;)

Sorry for the awkward angle here--I was trying to get in the fact that this romper has a low back while still getting the cute sporty silhouette of the front! If you read my last romper post, you know how much a romper like this means to me. Plus it has pockets. Definitely keeping. 

Bralettes are something I swear by, especially during the summer. I realized the other day while embracing the off the shoulder trend, that I didn't have a bandeau! Luckily the situation was easily and ideally remedied with this cute, braided back bandeau. It fit nicely when I tried it on and I think it could do double duty as a bikini top! The lace bralette was necessary as I have worn my other black one to death. I loved the t-strap in the middle! However, when I tried it on, the strap was a little loose around the neck. I suppose this is better than too tight, so I won't return it. 

Are you sensing a trend with this online order? My shopping cart was all black and white--I have a a neutrals addiction. Prints are fun, don't get me wrong, but I love the versatility of a solid neutral. I love how this romper embraces the off shoulder trend while not being annoyingly off shoulder. These little sleeves stay in place and the stretchy fabric is very comfortable. I order a Small and XS in this romper...I'm still debating which one to keep. I'm thinking the XS since I don't have very many rompers that are really form fitting. 

This is a romper that looks like a dress. It reminds me of the good old childhood days of wearing skorts. But I don't think a skort ever achieved this level of classy yet sexy--am I right? My only slight complaint with this romper is that the material is kind of thick and synthetic-y. I think it will be on the warm side. The cut is so cute though that I will keep it. Side note, I got two of this exact same romper in this order (long story!!) and one of them draped all wrong at the top while the other fit normally. Same size and everything. That is one complaint with UO, the sizing + fit can be inconsistent at times. 

Petal Perfume Oil  in Forget Me Not (left) & Globe (right),  Adorn EDP Fragrance  in Lapis (center)

Petal Perfume Oil in Forget Me Not (left) & Globe (right), Adorn EDP Fragrance in Lapis (center)

I bought these scented oils and perfume in store. I'll be perfectly honest, I was at the ATX location and I was sweating my way down the 2nd street shops. I started to feel like I didn't smell very good, so I pulled one of my classic maneuvers--using fragrance samples in stores to hopefully be less disgusting. As I wandered around the store, I noticed a drastic change in my aural situation. These little oils smelled AMAZING. I love these three scents. They are nature inspired and the packaging is so great too. 

Well, that does it for my Urban Outfitters haul! I was hoping I would have some insightful critiques on some of these products for you guys, but as per usual, UO has done me well again. Great pieces that I will wear over and over.