Let's work together to take your shoot to the next level. 

What is a stylist?

I get this question a lot--you're not alone if you don't know what a stylist can bring to a photo shoot! A stylist is a curator of wardrobe, props and accessories that will enhance the concept of the shoot. Whether this is as simple as helping a client form an outfit from his/her wardrobe, or incorporating pieces from my (extensive) collection, I help clients choose a look that photographs well and perhaps pushes the boundaries to yield amazing results! From a non-photo shoot perspective, a stylist can also help refresh your wardrobe through personal shopping appointments, closet refreshes, etc. 

What is the difference between a stylist and a creative director? 

While these two worlds (stylist vs. creative director) frequently collide, the difference comes down to my level of involvement. A stylist provides wardrobe and accessories to compliment the client or photographer's concept. A creative director is more holistically involved--curating set, props, models, hair + makeup and directing the shoot itself. As a creative director, clients who like my aesthetic come to me with a vision and I help make it happen! 

Why do I need a stylist/creative director? 

I get it--all of the above sounds cool, but maybe you're asking yourself, why do I need a stylist or creative director? The answer is simple: poor styling can ruin a set of photos. Models working on their portfolios constantly need a variety of images, but may not have an endless variety of wardrobe. Couples taking engagement pictures may end up choosing outfits that coordinate color-wise but contrast terribly on camera--simply because they may not have experience with the way things will photograph. A stylist/creative director takes care of all these things by providing garments and expertise! 

Pricing | Specific Services

  • Wardrobe + On Set Stylist: $150/1st hr, $50/add'l hr
  • Personal Shopping: $130/1st hr, $50/add'l hr (Limited to 3 hrs per session) 
  • Mini Style Session: $50 (I help you coordinate a look from your own wardrobe)
  • Model Coaching: $150/1st hr, $50/add'l hr
  • Creative Direction: Due to the unique nature of this service, prices vary per client. Please contact me at if interested. 
  • Loft Rental: $50/hr (Use my mid century modern/warehouse style loft in KC Crossroads Art District for your next shoot! Daily Rates available, please email me for details.)